About Us

The New Life of a Family Tradition

“I Calanchi” was established as a winery in 2018 to collect the legacy of memory, wisdom, lands and vines, flavors and knowledge in running the vineyards of the Nicita family.

Today “I Calanchi” have three labels that encapsulate the three main identities of the family’s wine production – red, white and passito.

The wines of “I Calanchi” are born from the synthesis between the passion for the land and for a memory of smells and experiences that we want to collect and transmit and the search for quality and harmony.

The goal is to transmit from the glass the love for the land and the gift that nature gives us back.


Our vineyards are cultivated within a Mediterranean ecosystem, characterized by the presence of olive trees, maritime pines and oaks to ensure biodiversity and allow the vines to find in the environment the optimal conditions and natural antagonists to grow and develop.

The vines are cultivated using natural methods, no herbicides are used, the soils are fertilized with organic substances, and the rows are worked by hand from pruning to harvest.

Grapes are selected first in the vineyard and then in the winery, only healthy and ripe grapes are processed and vinified to ensure the highest quality. The farming experience of the past acts as a guide to follow the rhythms of nature, the techniques that scientific and technological innovation make available support their application.

Production and Vinification

Our production is about 5,000 bottles per year vinified strictly in stainless steel tanks and under controlled temperature.

Our winemaking process is a synthesis of tradition and innovation. Hand harvesting in the cool hours of the day, soft pressing and tasting during the winemaking stages are accompanied by careful analysis of microbiological data and modern winemaking techniques.

Our passito, traditionally placed in the sun on reed racks, now comes from the selection of grapes harvested and dried in ventilated greenhouses from 7 to 10 days.